Go Tetris! 0.4 alpha

I’m still working on the new “capture by making two eyes” feature, but I’ve commented out that code and pushed out a new release because there have been many improvements, and I don’t want to bother making bug fixes in two different versions of the code.

Improvements to the game:

  • Fixed “z” and “s” pieces moving out of the left side of the gameboard (and possibly the right under special circumstances).
  • Fixed a weird idiosyncrasy in the “moves the piece down every x number of frames” code. This was a hold-over from the tutorial I copied originally, and always had me scratching my head. (Basically, as a result, the gameboard was really 19 x 20 with an extra row “above” the top of the board. That always seemed dumb to me, and would result in pieces starting “half visible” at the top of the gameboard. Turns out, it was dumb.)

Improvements to the website / marketing:

  • I added a post yesterday that just contains the game (and a new graphic I created for calling out the game a little more prominently). I will be changing the date on this entry so it stays at the top of the blog.
  • I also made business cards yesterday, which I disseminated to some people today at minnebar.

One thought on “Go Tetris! 0.4 alpha

  1. Hey Marty! guess who! just trying out your game. maybe make the instructions a little clearer fo non go players?

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