Play Go Tetris! Now

Below is the previous version of Go Tetris! (0.9a), created by Martin Grider. Thanks for playing!

There is a new version of Go Tetris! available!

This version is still available for comparison, but the new one is WAY better! :)

Controls and Instructions:

Rotate Pieces clockwise: Up Arrow or "i"
Rotate Pieces counter-clockwise: "u"
Move Pieces Left: "Left Arrow" or "j"
Move Pieces Right: "Right Arrow" or "l"
Pause game: "P" or "SPACEBAR"
Move Pieces Down (faster): "Down Arrow" or "k"


Gameplay is a lot like Tetris, but instead of lines, the pieces break like Go captures. In Go, a stone is captured by surrounding it by stones of the opposing color (or by the edge of the gameboard). More than one stone may be surrounded in this way, and the more stones you capture at once, the more points you receive.

Living groups of stones are also removed from the gameboard. For the purpose of Go Tetris!, a group of stones is defined as "living" if it has two "eyes", or single stone holes, in the same group of stones. See the "tutorials" category of posts for more about how to capture living groups of stones.

You also get more points at higher levels.


29 thoughts on “Play Go Tetris! Now

  1. I think I found a bug. It only happens on the far left side and it only happens with the two z-shaped pieces (not the Ls, square, or line). If you flip the piece so that it is three stones high, and then move it to the far left side . . . then filp the piece, a portion of the piece will go off the board. If you filp it again only two stones will show.

    I’m having a blast playing the game!

  2. Awesome, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I found that same bug a few days ago, (honest, I swear!) Anyway, I uploaded a fix last night. :)

  3. I think I found another bug. This is much the same as the first . . . only much harder to duplicate.

    It only happens with the z-shaped piece and the triangle (not the Ls, square, or line). As the piece falls, flip it so that it is two stones tall (this works for both types of pieces). After it touches the bottom, wait a beat, and flip it again (multiple times). Part of the piece will disappear off the board. The flip has to happen at the last possible moment. I actually had to count out the beats in order to make it happen consistently.

    I bet you found that one yesterday. Or maybe most people don’t do the last-minute panic flip with the very first piece.

  4. my head hurt…. but after i started playing this game i started to not think about the throbbing pain of my temples. i think you should sell this game right next to tylonol.

  5. Hi Marty,

    Good to see you at MONDO – thanks for sharing this recent creation of yours. It’s pretty cool.

  6. Brilliant!

    I’ll go with 2 suggestions:
    – it’d be great to be able to turn the piece both ways (or choose whether you want your ‘turn’ key to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise)
    – you should be able to make bigger eyes

  7. I’ve been playing this with great satisfaction! It’s fabulous. The addition of the eyes really feels right, and makes the game much better balanced.

    Some feedback:

    (1) The difficulty increases waaaaay to slowly.

    (2) The rules which determine when piece will collapse to fill an open space after a capture — and when they won’t — are not at all clear.

    (3) Agreed with Yves — eyes are not only single-square holes. Any enclosed open area should work.

    (4) You need more space for the score.

  8. Thanks for playing everyone!

    Yves: I really want to implement a reverse rotation button, but I’ve been putting it off because it means one of two things: I get to either a) painstakingly duplicate about 1000 lines of rotation code, or b) rewrite the whole rotation function to use a rotation matrix of some kind. There is perhaps a c) think of better way to rotate pieces, but so far it’s been a low priority.

    About bigger eyes… I will have to think about the best way to do that.

    Paul: Great to hear you’re enjoying it. Here are some responses: 1) I’m planning on implementing a difficulty setting sometime soonish. Obviously, higher difficulties will garnish more points. :)

    2) I should really spell this out somewhere… but the rules are actually (hopefully) quite simple. Whenever you capture or create a living group of stones, the pieces that you just positioned will “fall apart” and drop to the lowest empty space in their respective columns. Also, stones that “hover” on their own will drop in the same way. (Again, only when a capture or living group is made.) Hope this helps. I’ll probably post this in a FAQ at some point.

    3) I will definitely consider this for a future version.

    4) Good catch! (You must have reached the bonus million point cut-off character.) Also on my todo is recreating all the text areas… I totally screwed up all the font sizes in my last update when I moved everything around.

    Thanks for all your feedback!

  9. Great idea– I did notice a few things though.

    Several times it failed to remove stones that had no liberties. It only happened with multi-stone groups.

    Also, once when a capture resulted in two single eyed groups joining, it failed to remove the living group.

    And yeah, the difficulty goes up too slowly.

    Look up “Benson’s algorithm” for a way of determining life and death…

    But it’s a great idea….

  10. I think the low speed isn’t a problem ^^ But I was surprised when I found out that only single spaced eyes were considered eyes. I had groups with four or five eyes and still they wouldn’t dissappear! Anway, great game! Thanks for making this!

  11. I’m wondering about mutual capture – that is, when a block leave no liberties to two adjacents groups. It seems only one is captured, is it fair ? :-)
    It would be, in my opinion, simple to work around that, just having to wait for all groups to be checked before removing them from the board, all at once.

  12. The gameplay has suddenly become very jerky and erratic. Pieces freeze in the air for several seconds, or suddenly lurch ahead; pieces take a loooong time to “stick” when they land.

  13. Just found another bug.

    When I make two eyes, sometimes theres a stone left ‘hanging without support’ on the (left) side.
    When I then drop another block on that stone, it goes right through it.

  14. Bug: When you wedge a Z- or a T- shaped block into a hole horizontaly which is not connected to the bottom of the board it is still rotatable for a while.

  15. Hi!
    I really like the game, but there are several bugs.
    First, it happened several times (after I reached a million, it might have an effect?)
    that I captured a set of white stones, by surrounding them with white stones, and the
    set was not actually captured for some reason…
    it remained on the board.
    second, the stones not always fall to their place, but instead remain in the air.
    third, several times I rotated or moved bricks while they where in the first line, and the effect was
    that the game wouldn’t respond to any button, but the score kept rising by small amounts (twos or something) for a long time – at least a minute, (the score raised by about 200 by then) until I had to abort…

    wonderful game!

  16. How about a highscore?
    well maybe i am just too stupid to find it :)
    then someone could tell me where it is

  17. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments. I am working on the bugs… and making more than one space count toward an eye… it’s slow going (I have a day job!), but hopefully I’ll fix all this stuff eventually.

    @InsanePat: I designed the checks to happen one-at-a-time, thinking it was “more fair”, but maybe simultaneous captures make more sense. I’ll see if anyone else has an opinion on that.
    @Charlie: I’m not sure I understand what’s a bug there. Maybe try describing it again?
    @SireJohn: The highscores are here: I’ll be making some “last 1000” and “top 1000” pages soon.

    thanks again!

  18. Your game is really good and addictive.

    While you are at making “big eyes” count, you could also make it account for eyes formed between groups that are not solidly connected but alive all the same. It is quite annoying for a go player to see those go unnoticed. :-(

    Keep it up.

  19. This is the best game I’ve ever played. My two favourite games in one place! this is awewome!!! Love it… by the way I won’t be leaving the computer now for a VERY LONG time :D

    Gamer 1: “Hey! You got Tetris in my Go!”

    Gamer 2: “You got Go in my Tetris!”

    Together: “But together they’re better than ever!”

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  21. Possible bug report: I don’t know what I did to cause this, but I have a piece at the top which I can rotate, move left, move right, but I cannot drop it. The score keeps going up — it keeps incrementing the capture black count.

  22. Hey, this game is a lot of fun! :) But is there a hall of fame, a high score list, where you can enter your name? That would be so great!

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