So close I can taste it…

I was working on the two-eyess stone capture feature on the plane today, and I made some real progress. I’m very close to having this feature ready to play!

One thing I’m worried about is whether people will understand how it works. I’ve explained it to a few people, and it seems like even people who have understanding of how Go works have trouble understanding exactly how this new way of breaking pieces works.

Here are the defining principals at present: An eye is defined as a single space on the board surrounded on all “liberties” (left, right, up down) by the same group of stones (or the edges of the board). A group of stones is contiguous, that is, connected by liberty (diagonals don’t count). Once a group of stones has two eyes, it is removed from the board the same way a captured group of stones is removed (but with more points, I think).

Make sense? Questions, concerns? Comments?