Go Tetris! 0.1 Alpha released!

I’m happy to announce the official release of Go Tetris 0.1 Alpha.

Basically, I’ve got it working to the point where I’d like some feedback.

Check the Go Tetris page to see the latest version and play.

Click below the fold to see release notes and TODO list.

Version 0.1 Alpha Release Notes

This is the first public version of Go Tetris! Gameplay is a lot like tetris, but instead of lines, the pieces break like go captures. I’ve got quite a few things still on my todo list:

  • show the “next piece” in a box on the right or something
  • implement per-level piecetype decisions — ie, long pices only for the first level
  • mark stones to be removed before removing them
  • detect eyes and remove two-eye groups (new gameplay)
  • slow down falling speed for all levels
  • recursively call check_for_captures when a capture is found (right now, there is a bug where pieces can fall into a position where a capture should happen, but it doesn’t break until after the next piece drops.)
  • create/solicit awesome graphics and/or a logo