Tetris-like games for iOS

I’m backing up my iPhone in prep for a new device, and one of the things I did was spend ten minutes taking screenshots of every folder, just in case I need to restore things “manually” later. (Actually, I may decide to start “from scratch” on this new device, and I’ll use these images as reference if I need them.)

Anyway, nobody probably cares about my home screen, but I thought these screenshots of my “TetrisLike” folder were pretty cool. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Tetris-like games for iOS

  1. Ha, I do the same kind of thing when backing up stuff! :D

    And, well, I for one, find those pretty awesome. Especially the first one. I may be biased though. :D

    In any case, I need to go check some of those out, I haven’t seen a bunch of them (embarassing..) so thanks a bunch for posting this!

  2. Sadly, many of these games are no longer in the app store. :(

    I had a really great idea for a Deck-Building Tetris game yesterday. Sort of Tetris meets Dominion. Always hard not to start prototyping when I have an idea I think is great. But there’s never enough time to do all the games!

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