App Release: Fez Translator

Here’s the description for my latest app in the app store, the fez translator:

******** SPOILER ALERT ********

This is a fan-made app to help with the translation tasks that take place in the game Fez for the Xbox. If you want to figure it all out for yourself, read no further!

Essentially, this is meant to help with the task of translating the various glyphs found in Fez. I found it useful, maybe you will too!

I’ll fully admit that the idea was not mine, (my co-worker @breon gets that dubious honor) but all the implementation choices and decisions around those were mine. I basically spent about 2 hours on this app. The first hour was creating pretty much everything but the delete and back buttons, and then the second hour (a day or two later) was spent implementing the back and delete buttons, and submitting to the app store.

I hope some folks like it. I spent a few hours playing fez with it in my hand. It sure beats trying to do the translations in my head (with nothing but an image to reference in my photos application).

One thought on “App Release: Fez Translator

  1. This really does make it a lot easier to translate stuff in Fez. Add the directional codes too! Then no more scribbling on scraps of paper ;)

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