Indie .plan

I did it. I quit my job to make games.

It’s been a long-time dream of mine. Now I just have to make it work. Here’s my basic strategy: I’m going to make games about 50% of the time (probably more this first month or two), and do some freelance the other 50% of the time to make ends meet. I’m hoping the games I release will eventually make up for the difference, and (ideally) eventually become enough income that I can stop working freelance.

I’m going to prefer freelance projects that are games. With any luck, I’ll be making board-game conversion apps for most or all of that time. If you have a board game you want to turn into an iOS app, please do get in contact with me. (You can send email to any address at

It’s a great time to be an iOS developer, so I’m not terribly worried about what happens when/if I can’t make enough money with my games.

So what am I doing day-to-day? I haven’t exactly been secretive about my latest game project, but I have yet to write about it here on my blog. It’s scary for me to do this, because my game isn’t all that complex, (and we all know how rampant cloning is these days), but that’s about to change in a big way. I’m planning on writing a blog post at least once a week about my progress, with the first one to come either tomorrow or later this week. In the mean time, a brief description: The game is called Oppo-Citrus (say it out-loud), and it’s one interpretation of the opposite of Tetris. (One that I haven’t seen before.) It’ll also have a fruit theme, which practically guarantees success, right?!? The artist who created the logo you see will be doing all the art for the game, and I’ve been really happy and excited about what he’s come up with so far.

Astute readers will note that I’ve created a new blog category for this post. I’m anticipating there will be other posts down the road about the business and how I’m doing. I’m actually torn about whether I should register an LLC for my freelance work or just “wing it”. Consensus seems to be that I should do the LLC. I’m going to try and get some advice from people who probably know a lot more about this kind of thing than I do, and if that’s you, feel free to chime in via comments or email or wherever. Thanks for reading!