SIX D SIX is a set of six strategic board games playable with dice. All six games were designed to rely on luck as little as possible in their outcomes. In most cases, the “randomness” of the die-rolling is used to set-up the game, but does not influence who will win the game.

In one of the games, the die are merely used as pieces or pawns. In two of the games, the dice are never “rolled” at all!

When I wrote these games, the challenge for myself was to write some dice games that are not at all random. Ideally, I wanted these to be as close to abstract strategy games as possible. I liked the idea of rolling the dice to setup random starting conditions and then playing a game that was not random at all. You can see that most of these games achieved that goal, while one (SIX D “THREE”) may still rely on some amount on luck. My hope, however, is that they all involve some serious strategy and logical thinking.

All six of these games use up to 36 six-sided dice in six different (non-black) colors, most of them with an additional 36 six-sided black dice as well. I prefer 1-inch dice, but any size will do. If you want help finding a set of dice to play these with, feel free to contact me.

Download the rules for SIX D SIX now!

SIX D SIX also has a listing over at Board Game Geek.

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